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Active looking for hairy passive
I would like to get to know the Arab guy who is active gay and wants to satisfy the older gay liabilities. I want a friend and even a husband who wants to have sex with a guy and a woman just has to give her children
Alguien quiere hablar espanol? Soy moreno, alto y vivo en Praga. Escribe.
I am looking for BBC in Brno :)
Hello everybody! My name's Darryl, I'm 33, from Northern Ireland and I've just moved to Prague :) I have also lived in Spain, and visited France, Cyprus, Greece and Turkey, so I like to travel and check out new cultures! I would like to meet somebody special - somebody who has similar interests to me, and is kind (and patient haha). It is also important for them to want to see more of the world, because my work might bring me to another country! I hope to stay here for a while though :)
Young guy visiting Prague on 2. and 3.9.. I'd like to meet an older guy with a big tool. I'm bttm.
Jsem fyzioterapeut-kinezioterapeut-český kineziologioterapeut, hledám ženu, která mě vyučuje v češtině, udělám i terapie a masáže
Hey! I am from Vienna and I am looking for a date that wants to go with me to the Robbie Williams concert in Vienna on the 26th of August. A few of my friends have czech girlfriends and they told me that they are the best so I am looking forward to meeting one and having a good time.
Hi body, I am looking for a man/boy from India, studying on ČVUT in Prague. We met at the bus 191 going from the Airport to the city where you were going today 19.8. 2017 around 7 pm. You were seating next to the window and try to call someone and I put my laguagge next to you, then we start to talk..I get out on Divoká Šárka from the bus. You had blue t shirt on you. Black hair, beautiful eyes and unforgetable smile. Please contact me, I do not know you name... (+_+)
I´m looking for room-mate 1-2 persons for Separate impassable room in 2+1 flat (fully equipped after reconstruction) in Plzeň Nová Hospoda district. Excellent availability of forrests, village with public transport terminal to Borska pole, downtown and university. Interests in photography, nature and travelling are advantage. Foreign nationality with basics of Cze/Eng language is no problem. I require polite, reliable and non-confidential non-smokers.

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