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Ahoj, Jak se mas? :) How are you going? Better we continue our conversation in English or French :) Happy to talk, nothing to hide. Ask and you will have an answer. I'm vegetarian and I meditate, better you know it before we continue. Talk soon. Ben
Hi.Im Eddie from Karachi Pakistan.Im NOT a muslim, im Zoroastrian.Dont let my nationality scare you I promise I wont bite.Your age doesn't bother me.In friendship age is no barrier Its just a number. Im a fun loving jovial person who loves to travel and has a weakness for white sand beaches,romantic sunsets and cuisines from all over the world.Hope we can be friends to share some laughs with you or if you need a shoulder to cry on then do write back to me.Look forward to your email.Regards Eddie
Hi ,expat looking for friends to hang out with ,Any nationality .We can talk about the news or other topics , or compare cultures .
Looking for a good and nice girl :)
Acroyoga base (beginner) looking for a flyer. Mid-30s, tall.
Some best places according to a recent Newsweek survey: Belgium (to own a dog) / France (to have a baby) / Spain (to dine) / South Africa (for a road trip) / Mali (best music) / Malta (best weather) / Japan (to get old) / India (to fly a kite) / Switzerland (to be a rapper) / Czech Republic (???) .What do you suggest to a distinct businessman quite new in this country?
Hledám Žena, odvážné a zábavné .Bez strachu z žijící v současné době, a připraven horkých momentů. I hlapec španělsky, atraktivní, veselá a ochotná užívat . kontakt díky
I am a fun loving man, jovial, kind, easy going, lovely and passionate man. I like to have fun, work, travel, Play, and smile My hobbies include jogging, music, horse riding, swimming, traveling, cooking etc.
im a simple man ***poor no many no beauty all this is not important but i have very big white heart im muslim live in small village im honnest kind ..... the life is very short every thing is gone Why waste time not good thinks the women is a big A precious treasure Why sell itself cheap price im looking a simple women like me she loves me with her heart and I love her with my heart white heart We share the sweet and the bitter together look i talk for you withe my heart if you can call me
187 sm. Dont speak czech yet. Need a friend who will speak with me in czech :)